#YHR Dressage in Hand Saddle

Item number: 01SAD

#YHR Dressage in Hand Saddle

The fully flexible leather treeless dressage saddle with the feel of riding with a bareback pad, but the look of a dressage saddle.

This saddle offers the horse complete freedom of all the movements in the back. While it has the beautiful design of a dressage saddle, it has the feel of almost riding bareback, which makes the connection incredible, and the movement of the horse much more easy to follow and influence with the seat.

It's like having no filter between horse & rider, but still the feel of a dressage saddle.

This saddle is designed for those that do mostly Dressage in Hand, but also some days like to ride dressage under saddle in combination with dressage in hand sessions. I pop the saddle on, whether I ride or not, so of I decide to hop in, I can!

I also use it for light hacks.

We have been testing for a year and all horses loved the saddle!

It has very thick removable but soft panels that keep the withers and vertebrae free. 

As the saddle is completely treeless, we advice to not use it for long rides. We also advice it not be used by heavy weight riders.

For horses that not have a lot of muscles in the back, we advice an extra wool or gel pad underneath this saddle.

The saddle is currently only available in black and comes in 17 inch seat wise.

Take note: As we are a starting indie brand, we do not have stock. Your saddle will be made to order, which will take approximately 12 weeks.