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Josepha Guillaume is an international horse trainer, instructor and award winning author, based in Belgium and offers 40 years of daily experience with horses. She comes from a solid classical dressage background, but has been working mostly with injured and traumatized horses for the last 20 years. Josepha has taught in many European countries and South Africa. Many hopeless cases have been successfully rehabbed in her hands the last two decades. The art of keeping horses healthy and happy, or bringing them back to health and happiness, no matter what happened to them, has become her specialty and her life’s work.

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Lessons at my private stable

Lessons with your own horse

(I do not offer school horses)

In order to take lessons from me, at my private stable, you and your horse must at least be able to perform Shoulder in, Travers and yielding. I will help you with more collected work up to piaffe and passage, whether in hand or under saddle.

Online Coaching

If you have a Pivo Camera you can send me a link with which I can follow you live and teach you via an ear piece. This works almost as good as me being there. When we set an appointment for a lesson, we make up a lesson planning together and I send you which passages in the book you best read over, or I'll send you other relevant information, well beforehand.

Horse Welfare Consultant

Whether you would like to know more about your interaction, your horse's body language and what he is telling you, or if you would like to start with shoulder in, or piaffe, does not matter. Or do you have to rehab your horse from kissing spines, trauma or other physical or mental problems, I can help with just about anything.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can you expect from (online) lessons?

You can expect a lesson that will help you and your horse make a vast jump in both your education, at least one exercise you can now execute and perfect and a jump in the understanding between you and your horse, filling your tool bag with knowledge and subtle aids to create a healthy and fun sessions, each time you work with your horse.

Is there a prefered tack?

That is up to you, but I myself prefer a cavesson, a snaffle bridle or a double bridle, depending on what you and your horse are working on. You can also work freestyle or with cordeo. I personally never work with rope halters or hackemores.

What are the requirements for lessons?

I advise you to read my book Dressage in Hand, What horses want you to know. Many questions will then already be answered and we do not have to use the lesson time for that, and we can start right away with the things you would like to work on. The book is a small investment, worth many lessons.

Can I take a lesson with you at your stable in Belgium?

Yes, you can. You must bring your own horse and have a basic level of Dressage in hand. There are only limited options each year, so if you want to book lessons at my place, please book well in advance. Read more about the requerements here.

Do you also give riding lessons?

Yes, I have been giving riding lessons for 33 years. Riding lessons are the same as the Dressage in hand lessons, the Horse welfare comes first, we work from a classical dressage basic and positive reinforcement. I have been trained in riding by many classical trainers over the past decades of which grand prix rider David de Wispelaere and Bereiter of the Spanish Riding School of Vienna, Helmut Overhauser. Riding lessons can be online via pivo, video overview or at my private stable. your horse must be at least 5 years old and comfortable with being ridden. For many pupils we do a mix of Dressage in hand and under saddle. suited to the horse's individual needs.

Do you teach trainers and instructors?

Yes, I do. I have done so around the world. Next to that I have set up a trainer school in 2012 and have educated 30+ instructors internationally. In 2019 the school went in the capable hands of Sandy van de Goorbergh, however I am still advisor to the school and teach several advanced classes each year. 

Can I have advice on husbandry, nutrition etc?

Yes, you can. As explained in my book Dressage in Hand, husbandry, nutrition, hoof care, health care, this is the basis for everything else. If you like to pick my brain on your specific situation and your individual horse's needs, schedule an advice talk.

In what languages can I take coaching and lessons?

Josepha can teach in Dutch and English. She is also able to teach in German, albeit not as well.

“Hi Josepha, I have just purchased your book Dressage In Hand and am completely enthralled by it. What you have written makes such sense and I am beginning to understand where I have been going wrong.”

— Claire Sharon-Walton


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Email: dressageinhand@gmail.com

Josepha Guillaume

I have been training problem horses internationally for over 20 years, of which the last 15 years for the most part in hand.

Countless of riders I have taught how to train their horses to make them happy and healthy.

Since 2012 I have been running a trainer school and taught over 30 people in a two year trainer course my method

of rehabilitating horses with physical or mental problems, and starting young horses correctly to prevent problems in the first place.

I published a book in two languages on bitless dressage and a book about Dressage in hand & Equine rehab,  which won the Equus Award in 2022. 

Next to that I have been writing dozens of articles for international equestrian magazines, or have been interviewed or featured.

I have been invited to give clinics and lectures at events, schools and universities inside and outside Europe

and have been featured and published in countless international magazines.