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#22 Dressage In Hand with Josepha Guillaume
In-hand work as the gateway towards your horse’s best life

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POD EP  50. Dressage In Hand With Josepha Guillaume

In this episode, I have a really interesting conversation with Josepha Guillaume


Who is an international horse trainer, instructor and author based in Belgium.

Together we talk about:

How she started riding (riding wild ponies and being introduced to classical dressage)

How she didn't envisage a career with horses in the beginning as she deeply felt the suffering of horses and others didn't understand how she was feeling

Her transition to helping more people with their horses after she started collecting horses that needed help in her early 20's

How she has always focussed on coaching in a way where you prioritise listening to your horse

How she and her husband started the first bitless tack shop in the worldExperimenting working with horses without any tack

Travelling all around the world to help horses to then transitioning her focus to helping trainers to create the most impact

Letting the horse dictate the training to help them overcome their trauma/problems

The challenges of following her own intuition and advocating for horses

Her book - Dressage In HandExperimenting with your horse at liberty

Where she thinks the equestrian industry is heading

How she plays with her horses

Letting your horse say no

and so much more!


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