#YHR Hybrid Soft Cavesson Bridle 'Josepha' Leather

Item number: 002JOSL

This is the soft cavesson hybrid bridle that the world was waiting for!

No more switching between cavesson and bridle. This bridle is all in one! Dressage in Hand, Lunging and Riding, all in one go. With the 'Horse First' approach in mind.

What is it?

This Dressage in Hand soft cavesson, after Josepha's original design anno 2005, which started the Bitless Classical Dressage revolution, is now available from her own brand Yellow Horse Revolution.

What can it be used for?

This soft cavesson, is ideal for:

- Dressage in Hand

- Lunging

- Riding (bitless)

Who will it fit?

It wil fitt most FULL and COB sizes:

Noseband adjustable from 77cm/30.3 inch to 63cm/24.8 inch

Crown piece adjustable from 97cm 38.1 inch to 87cm/34.2 inch

Browband is 44 cm/17.3 inch but can be switched out

Meassure your horse to be sure if it will fit.

What material is it made off?

It is made off very soft and durable leather, ready to use and very comfortable for your horse, while at the same time very beautiful and for photo's, reels or showing.

What does it include?

It includes reins with buckles. The reins are have a total length of 290 cm/114.1 inch Ideal for both work in hand and riding.