Horse Wear by Josepha Guillaume

Shop and support an Equine shelter and Expanding Horse Welfare legislature

You can now join the #yellowhorserevolution and order your #YHR Horsewear, designed by Josepha Guillaume, with the Horse First approach in mind and at the same time support a wonderful Horse Shelter in The Netherlands.

Read more about the shelter and the story behind the #YHR products below the shop.

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The designs by Josepha Guillaume came forth from a message of a Horse First Approach.

Do you remember the yellow vest protests, all around the world?
The so called #yellowvestrevolution?
The demand for economic freedom and self governance, needed to be able to live free and be able to develop and arrange one’s life as one sees fit?

Imagine for a moment, if horses set up such a movement. What would they demand?
They would simply ask to be able to live #speciesappropriate and be trained via #positivereinforcement.

As Horses cannot protest themselves, we humans need to be their voice.

This movement became known as the #yellowhorserevolution!

Yellow Horse Revolution Horse Wear is based on this movement.

#YHR is a small indie start up EST 2024

Please note that we are a tiny indie start up brand and all products are handmade in a small workshop.

There fore we will not have stock all the time. Everything product is hand made.

Tiny differences may occur in each handmade product.

Thank you for your understanding.

Every purchase will also support the Dutch Horse rescue and shelter 'Horses Need Help'

For every sale, we will donate a small portion of the revenue to this shelter.

Josepha has been supporting the shelter, that is set up and run by Josepha's close friend Petra in 2007.

She  has been donating small amounts, every month since the beginning. She has done benefit clinics, donated means and products during all this time.

The shelter however, where around 18 senior and/or handicapt and injured horses are cared for, mostly be Petra alone, is always short on funds.

If 10,000 people would donate EUR 1,- each month, Petra would have enough funds to be able to pay for everything and get help with the daily care of the horses.

I hope that you will buy many of our #YHR products, so Petra will finally receive all the financial back up she needs!

If you would like to donate anyway (however small!) scan the QR code on the right or click the DONATE button .

Much appreciated!