#YHR Cordeo Vegan

Item number: 03CORV

#YHR Cordeo Vegan

#RideGangsta with the ultimate bridleless riding and freestyle training tool, designed by Josepha Guillaume anno 2006.

What is it?

This cordeo is designed to ride and train your horse bridleless. You can use it to start training in hand and later to transition to ride bridleless under saddle. It is fully adjustable and will fit almost any horse. It has a ring so you can attach a lunge line. If you'd like to learn how to use it, check Josepha's book here.

What can it be used for?

The #YHR Cordeo is ideal for:

- Dressage in Hand

- Riding bridleless

Who will it fit?

One size fits all. For mini horses, we would suggest to shorten the strap of the cordeo. The total length of the cordeo is 180cm/70.8 inch

What material is it made off?

It is made off PVC. All weather, easy to clean, vegan material in striking Revolutionary Yellow or Black.

Note: these cordeos are handmade and PVC is different from leather, therefore the holes might be a bit tight in the beginning, this will become better after using the cordeo a few times.

What does it include?

It includes a buckle to adjust to every size and a ring to attach lunge line to, or attach it to the saddle.